Born in downtown Chicago without any connection to agriculture, Claire was an unlikely farmer.

Adam, raised in a small town in Indiana, was a much more likely farmer based on background and environment, but never raised animals or participated in 4-H or FFA.

More than unlikely farmers, Claire and Adam were an unlikely couple. But, after a couple years of dating in college and as young professionals in Indianapolis, they found themselves just married and back in Adam’s small, rural hometown.

Thanks to the abundance of land and a shared passion for great food, they began experimenting with gardening and small scale homesteading.  Canning, growing vegetables, and tending to backyard hens became new hobbies. They shared their journey of their new, but unlikely, farming efforts and love for the change of course in their life on their personal blog, theblogbloom.com.

As they gained a couple years of experience, conversations turned to transforming their hobby into something more. The more they grew, the more they wanted others to experience what they produced.

So, 2016 began and wheels were put into motion to expand.  The land, which was previously used for conventional farming of corn and soybeans, was converted to pasture for pigs, chickens, turkeys and cows.  The animals now work together in harmony on the pasture to help preserve the natural integrity of the land.  Also in 2016, Claire and Adam welcomed their first child, Theo, to the farm.

Together, with a passion for delicious, local food and a desire for complete transparency, these three unlikely farmers are not just producing superior quality meat and vegetables for their local community with authenticity, but also proving that you can always shoot your arrow in a new, unexpected direction.


Photos by Hive and Honey Photography