Creating a superior taste though a lifestyle and diet on pasture, our chicken, sold whole, as boneless skinless breasts, wings, legs and thighs and frames, makes for the perfect weeknight meal, star of the barbecue and rich broth for winter soups.

Varying in color from dark brown to greens and blues, our eggs come from hens that spend their days grazing on pasture, searching for bugs and enjoying the freedom to roam.

Using the all-American, heritage Berkshire breed of pig raised on pasture with the ability to root and play we are able to produce a tender and more juicy pork. Pigs are sold as half or whole.  Commercial cuts may be available by request.
The more we learn about how garlic is grown across the globe, the more we wanted to grow our own to ensure a product that is free of bleach, dyes and isn’t shipped across the planet.  Our garlic is grown using organic practices and is ready for use in late July.

Our greenhouse is full of beautiful, organic greens nearly year round.  Depending on the season you can find baby mustard greens, red Russian kale, spinach, mixed lettuce, lettuce heads, and arugula.

We are in the process of adding grass fed beef to the farm.  Due to the long growth time needed to produce the best quality beef, we do not expect to have beef for sale until 2019.
Throughout the summer and fall, we have many beyond organic vegetables available.  Be on the look out for tomatoes, leeks, radishes, carrots, beets and more!