Whole Pastured Chicken: $3.50 per pound.  A typical bird is about four pounds.
Pasture Raised Chicken Cuts: Boneless Breasts; Wings; Leg Quarters; Frames and Livers are all available.  Prices and sizes vary.
Pastured Raised Pork Cuts: Pork chops; Boston Butt Roast; Ham Roast; Ham Steaks; and, Jowl Bacon are all available.  Prices and sized vary.
Pastured Eggs: $4.00 per dozen
Half or Whole Pastured Pork: Final price will be determined at the time of butcher and be based on the weight of the animal.  Pricing includes the cost of processing and will be close to $900.00 for a whole pig and $450.00 for a half pig.  Available in April 2018.  Call or email to reserve with a $100 deposit per half.
Garlic: Fresh, big and beautiful organically grown bulbs enhance any dish or dressing.  $2.00 per bulb.
Please contact us directly to discuss wholesale interest and pricing.